Sayulita is 24 miles (40 km) north of the Puerto Vallarta airport. If you are driving to Villa Amor from the airport parking area, go straight after exiting the pay station (make a right turn) and IMMEDIATELY get into the left hand lane in order to be able to effectively do a U-turn so as to be traveling north on Hwy 200. Follow signs for Compestela and Tepic. Initially you will be on a 6-lane highway which will narrow to four lanes and eventually two lanes. Watch carefully and obey the street lights, arrows and your speed.

After about 20 minutes you will pass through the town of Bucerias. Just before Bucerias on your right, you will see, a Mega Commercial supermarket (pictured) where you may wish to stop to buy supplies and drinks. After Bucerias, Mex Hwy 200 continues as a four-lane highway for a few more miles until the turnoff to Punta de Mita. Continue straight to Sayulita.

The highway then changes to a two-lane road, and heads up and over a series of hills in a winding and twisting manner with many curves.After about 18 kilometers, you will see a large overhead sign. It is one mile/1.6 kms into Sayulita; follow the road until you approach a set of yellow studs set in the road just before a bridge and there is a small sign pointing to the right for Sayulita and straight on for Punta de Mita.

As you enter Sayulita, continue straight into the center of town towards the plaza. At the plaza (or just before) turn right towards the beach and then turn left so you are paralleling the beach. Continue to the "T" intersection (dirt road) and then turn right. Follow the beach for another ¼ mile south until you get to the Villa Amor entrance.

Simply asking anyone "Villa Amor?" will also get you pointed in the right direction.

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